Stu and Win Damon chat with Bob Pezzella of RMS Mortgage


Stu Steinberg and  Win Damon of WNBP FM 106.1  in Newburyport had a great chat with local mortgage expert Bob Pezzella (NMLS #112811) .  As a local tax guy and entrepreneur, I love to bring others on WNBP for my weekly chats.  Bob fits perfect of course, and now is an amazing time to buy a home.  Click on our radio chat below.

Diligent, meticulous, laser-focused.  This should be your mind-set if you are preparing to buy a home or getting ready to sell the one you’re in…

This holiday-post-election season finds us in a bull market trading off of the idea that lower personal and corporate income taxes will stimulate the economy coupled with the belief that deregulation has been constraining growth.  All week and today the DOW has seen unprecedented highs breaking through 19,000.  A rate hike from the FED next week is virtually 100%.

What does this have to do with your new home sale or purchase?  Higher interest rates will cost you more money per month and for the long haul and can also affect your borrowing power.  You can help minimize this impact by carefully monitoring your credit score and financial profile to ensure that you qualify for the best rates and programs available.

When you’re out holiday shopping and you open a new store charge to reap the large discount that’s offered, make sure you get that first bill and make timely payments. Credit card late payments can crush your credit score, knocking you out of qualifying for the best mortgage opportunities.  In short, get organized now, speak with your financial planner, accountant,  loan office, realtor.  If you’re thinking “Spring Market” NOW is when that preparation starts!

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About Stu: With more than 25 years of experience as a credentialed tax professional, Stu Steinberg brings a broad depth of knowledge to his work. Stu founded Erock Tax to help provide tax strategies to individuals, families and small businesses. He uses his CPA expertise to help each client navigate their long-term debt and mortgage, gaining them the best deals and rates possible. Stu is passionate about empowering his clients through education about their tax health. He is highly energetic and brings a sense of optimism, creative problem-solving and a deep level of commitment to every Erock client.


Monday, December 12, 2016

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