Stu and Win Damon chat with Tom Mcgee of Klone Lab Inc on FM 106.1 Newburyport

I enjoy working with and learning from entrepreneurs in all stages of the business life cycle and Tom McGee (on the left in photo) of Klone Lab Inc ( fits the bill perfectly.  He is looking to move his 20 person international design firm to Newburyport in an abandoned building on the waterfront next to the water treatment facility.

Currently this building is not being used and would be great for the economy of Newburyport.  20 or more workers will be working downtown and the firm would be able to attract talent from the Boston area who would take the train and the rail trail to the work place.

It is ideas like this that stem from the mind of entrepreneurs that contributes so much to why I love my job.  Some businesses are barely seeds in a persons mind, and I love to help germinate those seeds to help manifest the business idea.  In this case, Klone Lab is a going concern it is really about locating the business in Newburyport in a city where Tom is raising his family.

I certainly hope the mayor and others involved including David Hall who designed the Tannery (among other spaces) in Newburyport can come together and make this abandoned space workable soon.  All of us here in the great city of Newburyport benefit when the economy improves.

Listen below to our chat with “Morning Guy” Win Damon on WNBP FM 1061.1 and streaming on the web at


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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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