Stu chats on WNBP with Zach Field of ZFDS and the Musical Suite in Newburyport

I really enjoyed my chat with Win Damon and Zach of the Zach Field Drum Studio and the Musical Suite. If you are in Newburyport and want to take drumming lessons or any musical instrument for that matter, local entrepreneur Zach Field is your guy.    My first question to Zach:  How do you balance being a dad and a businessman here in town?  He is so busy with his many endeavors.  Zach is a drum teacher, business owner, and he is very active touring with many different music groups including the Molenes, Live dead, and his own Plum Island Pans. One of my favorites is when he plays his gongs during yoga class on Friday mornings here in town. Experiencing Yoga with live gongs is truly an amazing experience.

The drum studio can be found at and the musical suite at . Reach out anytime and one of Zach’s quality staff will take care of you.  Personally, I didn’t start my drum lessons until I was 49 years old!  It is never too late.  For me, 20 minutes on the drums after a tough day at work is a great way to unwind and change the equilibrium of my mind and body.  Of course I need to use the electronic kit often so I do not disturb the entire family with my drumming!

Please click below to hear our chat with Win Damon on WNBP FM Radio 106.1 and always live on the web at

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