Fun Money Game Show Trivia on WNBP Radio with Win and Pete!

I have always enjoyed my weekly chats with Win Damon on WNBP every Tuesday morning at 8:35.  We certainly talk about so many challenging money topics.  It is good to change it up every once and a while and have some extra fun.  So I recently brought in Manager Pete Falconi and we played a little “money” trivia.  I mean ACTUAL money.  Like how old is money and how much does it cost to print etc.  Who knew that paper money is actually not made of paper, but 75% cotton and 25% linen with synthetic fibers woven throughout the bill!

Tune in below and listen too our chat.  We really do have fun talking about money each week and hope you enjoy our weekly chats!  Please reach out if you ever have any questions!

About Stu: With more than 25 years of experience as a credentialed tax professional, Stu Steinberg brings a broad depth of knowledge to his work. Stu founded Erock Tax to help provide tax strategies to individuals, families and small businesses. He uses his CPA expertise to help each client navigate their long-term debt and mortgage, gaining them the best deals and rates possible. Stu is passionate about empowering his clients through education about their tax health. He is highly energetic and brings a sense of optimism, creative problem-solving and a deep level of commitment to every Erock client.

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