Stu chats Home Buying with Mortgage Banker Bob Pezzella

A few times a year I love to bring Mortgage Banker Bob Pezzella on the radio with me in my trusty Tuesday am slot with morning guy Win Damon.  Talking about buying a home is stressful, and the rules put in place to help the consumer have actually made the process harder, more costly, and its taking longer to complete deals.

In other words, it PAYS to be proactive when even THINKING about buying or refinancing.  Get all your ducks in a row and you won’t be let down if you find your dream house and you just are not ready to buy it.

Listen to our chat below on WNBP FM Radio 106.1 In Newburyport, MA.  Streaming live at

About Stu: With more than 25 years of experience as a credentialed tax professional, Stu Steinberg brings a broad depth of knowledge to his work. Stu founded Erock Tax to help provide tax strategies to individuals, families and small businesses. He uses his CPA expertise to help each client navigate their long-term debt and mortgage, gaining them the best deals and rates possible. Stu is passionate about empowering his clients through education about their tax health. He is highly energetic and brings a sense of optimism, creative problem-solving and a deep level of commitment to every Erock client.


RVCS Kids Visit Radio WNBP in Newburyport with their Summer Tips!

On a beautiful spring day the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade kids from Karen and Katie’s E1 class at the River Valley Charter School walked to radio station WNBP (FM 106.1) here in town.  The kids got a tour from General Manager Pete Falconi and they even got to record their favorite summer tips for the audience to hear.

Listen below to hear the great tips for the summer.  The kids really enjoyed their time at the station, which broadcasts live from the beautiful seaside City of Newburyport and always streams live on the web at .

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