Stu Steinberg chats with realtor Ron April of Remax in Newburyport

iStock_000062644558_FullThe real estate market in the Newburyport area is booming and should continue says Ron April of Remax Realty.  Ron and I joined morning guy Win Damon on WNBP to chat about the market here in town and discuss strategies for selling and buying a home.

Now there is so little inventory on the market that anything even half decent gets bids right away.  The spring market really gets going far earlier than it has in the past  It takes one warm day in early February to kick off the spring market.  

One important point from Ron.  It is vital to stage your home and get it in the best shape it can be for selling.  Also,  hire a great realtor, not a good one!   You pay the same either way!

Listen to our chat below on WNBP FM radio 106.1 Newburyport.


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