Stu’s Radio chat with local entrepreneur Jeremy of Grand Trunk Imports

erockI always have such a great time talking to Jeremy Kirkpatrick of the Grand Trunk wine and cheese shop here in Newburyport.  He is so full of knowledge and it really shows as he explains to me the wines and cheeses I purchased over the holiday season.

Today on radio WNBP 106.1 FM we talked about the intricacies of organic vs biodynamic wine and how it affects the individual.  I know myself that the type of wine I drink is very important to my health as it often affects my sleep and how I may feel the next day.  Jeremy always directs me to the right wines for my body.

It is also great how he and his family personally travel to the vineyards and see the production of the wines they sell.  Jeremy also has to personally taste every wine to make sure it meets his high standards!  It is a tough job but someone has to do it.

Please click below to hear our chat with Win Damon on WNBP FM Radio 106.1, AM 1450, and on the web at



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