A Review of GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s Income Tax Plan

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I spoke with Win Damon last week about Mr. Trump’s income tax plan.  His plan would cut taxes and lead to higher incomes for taxpayers at all levels of income, including the wealthy and the super wealthy.  In many ways it is a classic GOP tax plan where the money flows from the rich in the form of huge tax cuts and trickles down to the middle and lower incomes though jobs and further economic gain.

Single filers making less than $25,000 and married filers making less than $50,000 will pay no taxes on the plan.  Currently around 45% Americans do not pay any tax and the number would increase under Trump’s proposal.

One point of interest is that Mr. trump wants to go after one particular group of super wealthy folks and make them pay their fair share:  The Hedge Fund Guys.  He’s talking about them everywhere.  They pay income tax at the long term capital gains rate of 23.8% instead of the ordinary income tax rate of 43.4% on monies that they earn.  The key here is that they are not risking their own money, and should be taxed at the ordinary income tax rate like all other workers who are not risking there own money!

In the end, Trump’s plan cuts rates at the top and the very top even more than Jeb Bush, and this will surely lead to more arguments about trickle down and inequality in America.

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