Tax Fraud – You WILL Get Caught!

handcuffs on an American 1040 income tax form indicating tax fraud or evasionAre you a U.S. Citizen? Are you sure? I ask as news headlines are all abuzz with the astounding fact that, this “guy”  one of the husbands of the New Jersey Housewives show, apparently did not realize he was not a legal citizen? Hmmm.

I have got to tell you, I am not a viewer of this series but what a position they put themselves in.  Joe and Teresa Giudice from Real Housewives of New Jersey are going to jail for Mail, Wire, and Bankruptcy Fraud?  Just crazy.

People…..LISTEN, YOU – WILL – GET – CAUGHT. Honesty continues to be the best policy; especially when it comes to important issues such as taxes. One minor omittance turns into another and another and, it just snowballs. Hiding assets, lying on loan applications, claim withholding, they are all Federal offences. This Giudice couple was initially indicted in 2013, when they were accused of hiding their fortune in a bankruptcy filing. Joe was also accused of failing to file tax returns between 2004 and 2008. Clearly, they thought they were untouchable.

Here is a case where their tax advisors failed. The advice he gave this couple was not heeded.

Make sure all documents and deductions you provide are accurate and can be provided if asked by the IRS. If you can’t prove it, don’t list it! If you have it, claim it!

The government does not care who you are; celeb or a regular “Joe” from the burbs; everyone has to pay their taxes.

It’s All About Balance.

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